Career STEAMposium 2022

The 6th Annual Career STEAMposium virtually took place on Saturday, March 19, 2022.  The theme for this year’s event was Perseverance Powered by STEAM.  Ironically, the theme describes this year’s event.  The original plan was to go back to in-person, but the Omicron variant kicked up so we had to do a virtual event for another year. Despite everyone being COVID tired, we had over 230 registrants where not all made it to the actual event.  This event exposed middle school, high school and community college students to professionals in all aspects of STEAM through five workshops and five Virtual Field Trips.  Workshop Speakers shared their backgrounds and brought them forward to their current roles so students knew that they could also succeed in STEAM careers.  The students enjoyed Virtual Field trips that took them on multiple journeys.

Students were made aware that “we” need them to follow STEAM disciplines to solve the greatest problems.  Perseverance Powered by STEAM has led us through the many twists and turns of COVID over the last two years.  STEAM has taken us to Mars.  STEAM makes the perfect guitar.  STEAM touches us all in multiple ways every day.

While we had a smaller group than planned, those that attended enjoyed their experience and time with the STEAM professionals.  They each learned a lot and were fired up and ready to go!  The day was successful as attendees enjoyed the workshops, the keynote speakers and all the virtual field trips.  Many students commented on how they enjoyed the sessions and appreciated how knowledgeable each speaker was on their topic.  At the end of the day, they were Likely to Very Likely to recommend this event to their friends.   Some direct quotes in the evaluations were:

  • “Students were able to visit multiple rooms to hear presentations.”
  • “The passion and expertise of the presenters.”
  • “The topics were very well presented.”
  • “I liked learning about different aspects of STEAM.”
  • “The virtual field trips.”
  • “I liked the visuals.”

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