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2022 Community Meeting

2022 Report

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You may have been looking around lately and noticed changes taking place within your neighborhood and wondered “What is Going On?” Members of the Pasadena Community recently came together to have this discussion. The State of Black Pasadena shared data by the numbers on Blacks in Pasadena. Per the 2010 Census, the Pasadena population grew from 2000 to 2010, but the Black Population declined by 24.3% to approximately 10.5% from 14.45%. Estimates through 2015 indicate that this slide has continued into the current decade.

The event dug into these numbers to understand the underlying causes of this trend. Ultimately, it comes down to the cost of living in Pasadena, income levels, and education. It costs approximately 21% more to live in Pasadena than the rest of California. Housing in Pasadena is about 190% higher than the rest of the country at an average home sale rate of $763K and rental rate of $2700/month. This means that you must have a degree or vocational skills (electrician, plumber, etc) in order to earn an income that is high enough to afford to live in Pasadena.

State of Black Pasadena - Press Release (pdf)   State of Black Pasadena Factoid (pdf)

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