Career STEAMposium 2021

The 5th Annual Career STEAMposium took place on Saturday, March 20, 2021, virtually.  The 5th Annual Career STEAMposium was virtually held and welcomed over 300 students who took advantage of this dynamic program that exposed middle school, high school and community college students to professionals in all aspects of STEAM.  COVID caused the team to cancel this event in 2020, but the planning committee came back with a vengeance in 2021 and took the event virtual with ten workshops and seven hands-on activities.  Workshop Speakers shared their backgrounds and brought them forward to their current roles so students knew that they could also succeed in STEAM careers.

This event focused on Exposing, Demystifying and Engaging students in all aspects of STEAM through these professionals that shared their current roles and their journeys.  They helped students to know that they were them at one point in life.  Consistent themes throughout the day were SOAR to achieve your goals; fail forward; if you put your mind to it, you can do it; math is the foundation of everything and is everywhere, and more.  In essence, they uplifted and Fired Up the attendees so they will go out and pursue opportunities in STEAM.

The day was successful as youth enjoyed the workshops, and all the activities.  Many students commented on how they enjoyed the sessions, the conversations with the professionals, the Hands-On Activities and the information.  They also appreciate how they have a chance to ask a lot of questions.  Some direct quotes in the evaluations were:

  • “I enjoyed the knowledgeable presenters. They were amazing and informative.”
  • “Although this was an event catered for all ages and not any specific audience, I did get general information about it. In particular those of color in technical careers and some advice they had to give.”
  • “I enjoyed everything, I was very pleased.”
  • “I enjoyed the workshops and getting to hear the presenters speak. They were really interesting and fun to talk too!”
  • “Being able to ask questions and get answers live.”
  • “I loved all the speakers, they told great stories and gave amazing advice that catered to my interests.”
  • “I liked how the presenters mentioned opportunities for students to get involved in their respective fields.”
  • “I got to talk with professionals and they helped me a lot.”
  • “All participants were engaged in delivering info in a manner that was accessible and interesting.”
  • “The presentations were so great. I also liked that it was very much Q&A oriented so and the presenters were willing to answer all questions. I gained a lot of valuable information and connections!”

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