Career STEAMposium 2019

The 4th Annual Career STEAMposium took place on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Pasadena City College. There were over 300 students and parents in attendance at this year’s event that exposed youth to professionals in STEAM Careers. Workshop Speakers shared their backgrounds and brought them forward to their current roles so students knew that they could also succeed in STEAM careers. A major message that was consistent throughout many of the workshops was the careers of the future are unknown today so prepare yourself, find what you enjoy, believe in yourself and be a lifelong learner.

Many students commented on how they enjoyed the sessions, the conversations with the professionals, the Hands-On Activities and the information. They also appreciated how they had a chance to ask a lot of questions. Some direct quotes in the evaluations were:

  • “I really appreciated/ enjoyed when I introduced myself to Dr. Scott, Dr. Murphy and everyone else. They made me believe in myself more knowing that I want to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. I will be reaching out to them.”
  • “I enjoyed learning how I can better myself and having a great time learning about how math is in everything.”
  • “I enjoyed the Art Speech the most because it got me inspired and thinking about my future.”
  • “I enjoyed the knowledge given to us and how well the presenters gave us the information.”
  • “It was the Robotics part because I got to know more of how they work. It was really interesting.”
  • “The smaller groups toward the end were really helpful because they allowed us to ask questions to the professionals that we were specifically interest in. “Everything was overall extremely insightful!”

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