Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Recipients 2017

The Pasadena/Altadena Chapter of AKA in Partnership with the Pasadena/Altadena Ivy Foundation awarded 13 Scholarships and Book Awards recipients to graduating college bound students that come from a variety of high schools like John Muir, Pasadena, Mayfield, Maranatha and more. The Scholarships were awarded in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), Social Justice, Special Needs, Young African American Male and Most Improved GPA. The accomplishments of all these young people were amazing and you can enjoy their videos on our Home Page.

In this rapidly changing technologically advancing world, the key to success is education and being a Lifelong Learner. It is imperative to have needed skills where companies/ individuals are willing to pay you to have access to them. This means that education is more important than ever, but it has also become more expensive to achieve.

One of the goals from 2016 was to increase the Regenia Payne Moses multi-year scholarship award from $4750 to $5000. This goal was accomplished along with increasing the individual scholarship awards from $1750 each to $2000 each. Overall, the organizations awarded over $22,000 in Scholarships and Book Awards in 2017. They are quickly approaching over $250,000 in Scholarship/ Book Awards in 21st Century. The organizations continue to have a goal of increasing the award amounts and look forward to assistance in achieving that goal.

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